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"In Amazing Grace, the creative soul is treated to quotes from some of the best thinkers, along with select Bible verses, spelled out with doodle art. If you’re looking for a relaxing and meditative way to pass the time, this Doodle Art Alley series might be just what you need."

- Bergers Book Reviews

"Magical Geometrics Coloring Book is my second coloring book by Samantha Snyder of Doodle Art Alley Books. The designs are all hand-drawn which adds to the enjoyment.”

- iiiiReader Book Reviews

 "Imagination Will Take You Everywhere is basically a coloring book for adults with the inspiring quotes being the subject matter to be colored in...a wonderful pastime activity for grown-ups and appropriate for anyone, adult or child, as a rainy day activity!"

- Midwest Book Review 

 "Attitude Is Everything is terrific fun from beginning to end. Very highly recommended for anyone who enjoys doodling and coloring."

- Midwest Book Review 

"Magical Mandalas Coloring Book can be a truly memorable and reflective experience that goes beyond ordinary entertainment...a very highly recommended addition to personal adult coloring book collections."

- Midwest Book Review 

"Magical Geometrics Coloring Book is a very highly recommended do-it-yourself entertainment."

- Midwest Book Review 

"Offering hours of pleasant past time activities for adults of all ages, My Coloring Journal: Live, Laugh, Love is the ninth volume in the outstanding Doodle Art Alley Books adult coloring books series. Also very highly recommended from this same wonderfully entertaining series is the 2016 Coloring Quote Calendar.

- Midwest Book Review 

 "Magical Abstracts Coloring Book is a lot of fun and highly recommended as being perfect for adults and older teens (along with younger kids).”

- Midwest Book Review

"By far Doodle Art Alley Books are my absolute favorite coloring books ever! I just love everything about them! I love the quotes, the detail, the designs and the size! This whole series of books are all wonderful and each book focuses on something a bit different than the others! All the books are awesome and I highly recommend them!"

- Mrs. Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews

 "These books are perfect for beginners as they contain simple images that can be completed in a short amount of time."

- Prairie Sky Book Reviews

"Imagination Will Take You Everywhere is pure fun...therapeutic, relaxing, and inspirational all packaged into one."

- Redlady's Reading Room

"As with the other Doodle Art Alley Coloring books I've reviewed, I'm rather enchanted (with Magical Designs Coloring Art Book). How can you not love a book that is separated into so many wonderful sections?"

- Reviews by Page Turners